Our JOLT Youth Mexico Mission Team is heading down to Vicente Guerrero from July 14-23, 2018. 

Monday, July 16 – Danielle and Tiana

            After yesterday’s crazy adventures (to be seen in future videos), we ended the day by arriving at the base around 11:00 PM.

            We started today with personal devotions at 7:15 before having a delightful breakfast at 8:00am.  We started work at our building site around 10:30. The mother of the family was not there when we arrived, so while we waited we moved studs and spent time getting to know the five daughters of the family;

            – the oldest, Natalia is 13

            – next, Belin who is 10

            – Laura, who is 7

            – Gladys, who is 4

            – and the youngest, Melissa, is 2

Rachel helped us out by knowing a good amount of Spanish to attempt communication with the family. We started the building process and finished building all of the walls as well as painting them. We found it super exciting how involved the family was.  Even the little girls got in on the painting action. It was refreshing to see a Madre and Padre committed to their family. At around 12 we decided to stop and have lunch, unfortunately, as we made our way to eat, we realized that our lunch was left in the truck. We had to push through another 2 hours without lunch before Bill came back to the site with our long awaited sandwiches.

            After finishing up on the work site we headed back to the base for an early dinner. We eventually drove down a very bumpy road to the beach. Sadly I, Tiana had to sit in the very back of the van which made the bumps in dirt road much more dramatic, as we went over a large dip too quickly- I left my seat and bashed my head into the rock hard ceiling. After that Lorne decided to drive a little slower JWe played a good game of beach soccer; leaders against students. Students won! The beautiful sunset set the mood as we sat down on the sand for worship and sharing time. It was a productive way to start off the week and we’re looking forward to the following days.

Tuesday, July 17 – Simon

Today’s exciting adventures started this morning after an early 7:00am breakfast. We headed over to the site of the house build shortly after, and began a productive day of work. We managed to get the panels built in the first few hours of the day, and put up three walls of the house. The family was very generous and made us lunch; chicken vegetable (we don’t know exactly which vegetables) soup!

We had a bit of trouble with getting the roof panels up at first, but after a while of struggling, we managed to get them up. By the end of the day, we had all four walls up, as well as all the roof panels, all with no injury and few sunburns. Tomorrow, we’re due to complete the roof, followed by some interior work.

After our time building, we came back to the base to have the dreaded dinner of tamales. Fortunately for all, they actually tasted quite good, which was quite surprising. My past experiences with them have never turned out well, but I was tempted to go for seconds this time! We spent a bit of time relaxing at the base, followed by a wild goose chase around town to find somewhere to find skipping ropes. Turns out they don’t sell skipping ropes in this part of Mexico. I don’t know what’s in store for tomorrow, but I’m excited for whatever opportunities we have to be God’s light as we spend the next days Vicente.    










Wednesday, July 18

Hola from Mexico!

This is Jenna and Jessica – the Liebe dream team. Today was a very productive day for the house build; we got all the roofing done, almost all the trim up, the interior walls finished, all the windows installed, and all the walls repainted. There are only a few things left to finish up tomorrow, like the beds (we already have the frames built) and counters.

Some of our team members spent time playing with the kids in the family and a few of their friends from the neighbourhood. They blew bubbles and played with skipping ropes, and braided each other’s hair. Tiana says that one of the girls, Azucena, was amazing at Dutch braids. All the girls loved our blonde hair and called us Barbies. We’re a little worried that Tiana, Aly, Danielle, and Kristin may have gotten lice but this is yet to be confirmed.

After finishing up at the house for the day, we headed back to the base for supper and showers. We got to eat delicious nachos and chocolate cake for dinner before a special event in the evening – the dedication of this base! As of today, Heart Ministries (run by Bill and Peggy) is partnered with YWAM to continue serving in Vincente Guerrero and the surrounding area. There were a few speeches about the impact this ministry has had in the community and how wonderful and loving Bill and Peggy are. After that, there was a time of worship; it was amazing to see how the music connected everyone, no matter what language they spoke. We were all worshipping the same God who loves us all equally!

We’re currently settling in for an evening of card games and snacking in the dining hall before bedtime. Simon, Megan and I (Jenna) also have to come up with something to say at our house dedication tomorrow for the family – if you could pray for us tomorrow as we finish up the house that would be great!

We’ll see you soon!

Jenna and Jessica

PS: Apparently Danielle was just rapping “Reckless Love” in the shower, and since the walls are really thin between the boys and girls’ washrooms she heard a guy say “If you were a singer, I’d hire you.” Are you proud, Steve and Carrie? You should be!








Thursday July 19,  – Kristin and Alyson [and Tiana again]  

            Today was the last day on the building site. The day started out with a normal 7am breakfast (breakfast burritos). We were scheduled to arrive at the build site at 8am, but like most days we got there around 9. We spent the first couple of hours painting trim, making bunk beds, and finishing up some last minute projects. As we were working, many extended family members showed up for the final reveal of the house. We got to give many cappoucci’s (piggyback rides) and connect with more of the locals. Due to yesterdays hot weather (and possibly food) some of our group was suffering. Dani was the first one down this morning, followed by Aly, Simon, and Tiana.  Luckily, after some silent prayers and time spent in the air conditioned van they were somewhat revived and continued on to help finish up the house.

When lunchtime came around, the Mom’s kindness was appreciated when she made what they consider a scrumptious meal of tamales. Unfortunately, they seemed to think that we were starving and served us each three tamales. Not good for sick people. 

            After many water bottles were chugged and the buckets of sweat had been poured, it came time to dedicate the house. We were pleased to have Louise in our company to work as a translator. Jenna, Simon, and Megan dedicated the house and handed over the keys. We could really feel God’s presence as the family got very emotional and thanked us, and God, numerous times for such a blessing. They had been praying for a house for a long time. They told us that the house would provide much security, as the shack they had been living in was unstable during windstorms and didn’t provide safety for their family. It was super exciting to see all the girls jump on their own beds for the first time ever.  The Dad was overjoyed that their prayers had been answered. He saw what a blessing we were to his family and was encouraged to use the opportunity of the house to bless many others.

            After the main event of the day we spent a couple hours swimming in the ocean. It was a lot of fun to attempt to belly surf on the huge waves. We topped it off with a comforting dinner of Spaghetti and dessert from a local ice cream shop. As we were all piling into the van to go get ice cream, the girls realized that the cabin door had not been locked. Kristin, who had been the last to get to the van, ran back and locked the door without knowing that the key was lying on the floor in the room. This led to Aly’s exciting adventure of crawling through the tiny, spider filled, back window. Before going to bed we finished packing backpacks with school supplies for tomorrow’s adventures with Paulino and Cristina.



Friday, July 20, 2018 – Jenna


It’s Jenna again, since no one else wanted to blog! Today was our last full day in Mexico, and it was a great one. Even though we finished the house yesterday, we still managed to keep pretty busy.

We started off the day with our 7 o’clock breakfast, and then we hung out at the base until around 10. Next, we dropped off our gold van to get serviced so that we HOPEFULLY don’t have any problems on the drive up tomorrow! After that we headed over to Vicente Guerrero’s market to do some shopping. I managed to find a few bracelets; other people also bought bracelets, blankets, and other assorted things. We ate jumbo pizzas for lunch (they were delicious) – we wanted to keep one of the huge pizza boxes so we could all sign it like we did four years ago, but the people working there didn’t go for it.

The main event of the day was the dump ministry with Christina and Paulino, missionaries that we’ve partnered up with for two years (three mission trips). Paulino met us by the dump in Vicente Guerrero, and we served the men living there a meal of soup, chicken, and tortillas. It was my second visit to the dump, and again I was shocked by the conditions those people have to deal with every day – the air quality is terrible from all the burning trash, and they scrounge through the heaps to find recyclables to sell to earn a little cash. Unfortunately, most of that cash goes towards drugs. After the dump here in Vicente Guerrero, we went to the dump in Camalu, which is very close to Christina and Paulino’s home. There were fewer people living in the dump there, but there were a lot of pigs. That’s why we try to avoid eating pork in Mexico. We served them a meal as well, and then returned to Christina and Paulino’s house to hand out food hampers, backpacks with school supplies for kids, soccer jerseys, toys, and hats. It was fun playing with the kids there – the boys started a soccer game, and a few of the girls joined. I made friends with two little kids named Jenna (hooray!) and Alejandro. Jenna is Christina and Paulino’s daughter; she’s only four years old but she has a very strong personality already! Once we handed out around 80 hampers, the people all thanked us and one of the Mexican ladies said a very emotional prayer. Sadly we couldn’t understand it since she was speaking in Spanish, but as Christina said, Jesus can speak Spanish as well so it’s all good. Paulino and Christina prayed for us and then we prayed for them; we gave them some money and then headed to the taco stand for dinner. The work that Christina and Paulino do is truly amazing, given that they have to provide for themselves while they give their lives to helping their community. It’s also pretty incredible that Paulino, who used to be one of those men living in the dump, has completely turned his life around thanks to God and is now using his life to help men that are in the same circumstances he once was. Hopefully we’ll be able to share more about them and their ministry when we get back!

Tonight we had a joint worship session with a group from Hawaii; we had a great time singing together and getting to know a bit about each other at the same time.

That’s about it for today! Tomorrow we’ll be heading out early so we can stop at La Bufadora before heading into Ensenada for lunch. We’ll see you in a few days!

Saturday, July 21, 2018 – Darren
Today started out with a simple agenda, pack up, drop off some dispenses, school supplies, and gifts and then head back to San Diego.
After many smiling faces woke up and brought a smile to my face, we quickly ate breakfast packed up and started off to JLuis’s house to drop off some stuff.  Since the van was packed so tight and we could hardly move Lorne decided to play Africa with us and cranked up the heat, and with all of us packed into the back we started to feel the heat, but we enjoyed the ride as Toto sang to their hit song Africa.
Once arriving At JLuis’s we blessed him with all that we had physically, we gave him some dispenses, school supplies he requested for the kids in the community and also some soccer (football) supplies as he is hoping to start a team with the kids from the camps in which he goes and serves at.  After giving him what we had physically we asked him if we could pray for him and as a team, we prayed over him and asked God to continue to bless him and lead him as he gives all he has to serve God each day.  After we prayed for him he of course prayed for us, and then after that, we embraced in a hug and shared how much we love each other.  (Later in the day JLuis sent me some photo’s of people he already blessed with the dispenses.)
After leaving JLuis we stopped past our families house and gave them some backpacks and other things in which we had for them.  We talked for a few moments and it was great to see that they were already making there house a home with pictures hung on the wall, this family finally felt secure and it was amazing to see this family smile.  
After saying goodbye to them, we prayed and were off to la bufadora, which is always a great drive.  Once arriving at Labofadora some bartering happened and for Calry a dream came true, once we get back (or follow her on Instagram) you will have to find out from her what happened.
The rest of the trip up to San Diego went smooth.  We took the Tecate border crossing and it was like a 1/2hr in the lineup, and we made it to our air b & b where we will be spending the next 2 days before we fly back on Monday.  We then ended our day in a time of worship and also some time with our prayer partners in various locations.  
God is good, and this week we went through the book of James, where Jesus little brother challenged us daily about how we are living our life’s for Jesus.  So please when we get home, ask your children, grandchildren, friends what they have learnt this last week and how are they going to apply it to there daily lives.  God is alive and His Spirit is moving and he has taught us a lot about who He is and what He has in store for us.  Join us This next Sunday, July 29th as we share about our trip down here to Mexico.
Thanks again for following our trip and for your prayer and support.
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