Living in Faith Every day!

3 years old – Grade 5
(September – June) 
We offer an exciting and interactive program for children Sunday mornings! As an intergenerational church, we invite our kids to be a part of the main worship service for the first 20-30 minutes. Kids are dismissed from the main service and have the opportunity to participate in upbeat worship songs, learn more about the Bible and the life of Jesus, and dig in a little deeper in small groups. At River of Life, our prayer is that kids learn about their faith and are encouraged to live it out!
LIFE Kids finish their time together at 11:25, allowing parents to have some kid-free time to spend in prayer, visit, or grab a cup of coffee at  the ROL coffee bar!
First time? 
Sign in your kids for LIFE Kids before 10am in the upstairs foyer.
You can sign out your kids in the basement by the LIFE Kids wall decal any time after the main service ends and 11:25.
Kids come downstairs from their session around 11:25, so take advantage of some kid-free time to enjoy a cup of coffee!
We provide LIFE kids for children age 3 – 5 during the summer months.
There are activity sheets available for kids ages 6 through Grade 5 to do during the service.
Feel free to find someone wearing a River of Life name tag Sunday morning and we will be happy to answer any questions!