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Young Adults Mexico Missions Trip July 2019.
we finally have “Proper Wifi” so here is an update. we survived our drive down the I-5 we were very tired by the time we hit the 5hrs worth of LA traffic but we made it. needless to say it was very nice to have a bed after spending 26hrs in a mini van.
Sunday we hit the road again and made it into Mexico all our vehicles got the green light so we didnt need to show our passports or visas we just drove on through which was really nice. we got to base around dinner time where we made sure to stop at our favourite taco stand. The base is extremley full right now with 120ish breakfast and dinner you deffeintly need to be on time if you want to get a proper serving of food. we wrapped off the day with worship and devotionals on the beach.
Monday we started our house build, even though we only started at about noon we managed to get all the walls painted and standing on the first day. we worked very well as a group, everybody was extremley eager to get it started and things kind of all fell into place which is very unusual for mexico. this family is very different from the average families I have seen down here. The dad and Mom are actually living together and they are working very hard to put their kids through school and university. Its very nice to see a family that is so close together.
Tuesday we put in a long day on the build site in the mexico heat and managed to get everything done but the windows and some trim. we came back to the base at dinner time and basically all fell asleep playing cards on the floor. everybody is a little redder than when they woke up this morning.
Wednesday The House is finished! we celebrated Lucia’s Birthday (the mom) at lunch time with super sized pizzas and homemade chicken from the family. we dedicated the home to the family  directly after lunch and said our good byes with lots of pictures and smiles. Its been go go go ever since we left home so it was nice to have the afternoon to just relax and swim at the ocean for an hour. Wednesday is church day so after dinner we went to a Luis’s church (a church that none of us had been to before) it was interesting to say the least I’ll just say their pastor was playing a goats horn to the music and leave it at that.
Tomorrow will be a day full of ministry in the community and thats about all I know because its Mexico haha.
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