Our Team!
Mount of Olives March 17-24, 2019
Our Team will be heading down to the Mount of Olives Children’s Home on March 17th.  Some of the projects we will be doing include, building a house for a family, building a shower for another family,visiting Migrant Camps and various other things.

This is Tino and His family who we will be building the house for.
Mount of Olives Blog March 17-24, 2019

Saturday, March 16th

This day saw us all arriving to SAN Diego at various times but the majority meeting up at some point at the Holiday Inn Express. Pizzawas ordered, hunger pangs were settled and then the ones that still had some energy (those under the age of 17) chose to close out the hotel pool until 10pm. Some disappeared to bed much sooner than that (various ages including some around the age of 17), others quite a bit later. Everyone was looking forward to breakfast included and a 9am pick up. Despite some alarm complications and traffic issues during the day, we were all reminded of how God is good in the little and the big things.
Sunday, March 17th (Happy St. Patrick’s Day – hopefully you all remembered to wear some green).

After a night of various levels of successful and unsuccessful sleeps…we all enjoyed the included breakfast of eggs, bacon and assorted other things that don’t really count after you say bacon we were all ready to roll out just after 9am. The Dyck family vehicles stuck together while the rest (Toews’ vehicle and 2 Vans) stuck together. Once on the road, we had to stop within 5 minutes to ensure everyone was fueled up and Starbucks in Mexico was well supported while The the Dyck’s met up with the camping Dyck’s. Somehow, we all ended up crossing the border at the same time and all made it through, except the Dyck’s in the their trailer. Hours later there was stories of line up, fill in paperwork, repeat multiple times but they did eventually make it. The rest of the vehicles went on ahead and only had to stop once to get rid of the said Starbucks at a rest stop. The highway went from smooth and well maintained to a little bumpy to swerving to avoid potholes and finally brought us to the village on a a very steep, narrow, dirt road. We were treated to our first Mexican meal of make your own sandwiches with fresh ingredients prepared by the lovely ladies in the kitchen. Rooms, bunks and luggage were sorted, lizards were found, caught and later released and some soccer was played. In 22 degree weather though, soccer was done playing after water was needed. Going from winter to Spring in 2 days is a bit of a shock to the system! Maybe as the week goes on soccer will last a little longer. The green and flowering hillsides are beautiful and being quite enjoyed as this is not normal after they have had a very wet season.

Supper was fajitas with freshly made tortillas and refined beans. Julie even got to make one tortilla on her own! Note sure who got that one, but she is quite certain she needs more practice before she can make a meal out of them! After supper we were treated to a tour of their shop that is still in progress and lots of stories of God’s past and continued blessings in this place. 8pm we had a brief singing time and devotional done by Rob K focusing on the Feast of Tabernacles and how we need to remember God is present with us and our need to respond with thanks and willingness to trust in His presence and act when He asks us to. Several at this point were ready for bed, while others felt the need to look for scorpions. All in all, once again we were reminded of God’s goodness as we all made it here and are ready to serve God this week as He leads and guides us in how He wants us to help this community. God is good and we are blessed. Looking forward to sharing our journey with you the rest of this week.
Monday March 18th
Today’s blog brought to you by Livia Toews  
Today was our first full day at Mount of Olives.  We started the day off with a delicious breakfast of eggs, sausage, pancakes, and fruit.  Then we headed over to Tino’s where we would build his house.  The whole group put two pre-made walls up on the cement pad.  There were too many people there so we split up and headed out to Oscar’s place where we would build a shower for him and his family.  Oscar’s little boy, whose name is Iker, is so cute!  He was running around us and showing off on his bike, having so much fun.  We checked out the sight then established who would stay there and who would go back to the orphanage to paint and clean.  Me, my mom, Riley, Mrs. Frose, and Mr. Dyck were going to work at Oscars, and the rest went back to clean and paint.  We all went back to the orphanage to pick up materials, eat lunch, and a quick break.  Then everyone went off to their work sights.  At Oscar’s house, we had to dig trenches for the plumbing.  The ground was rock solid, but that didn’t worry us… We had a jack hammer.  Riley started off on the jack hammer and loosened the soil, then we dug out the dirt.  Luckily I had the opportunity to use the jack hammer, I will never go back to using a normal shovel.  Using one of those is the best!  After several hours of steady work, we ran out of materials and stuff to do so we headed back to the orphanage.  The kids were back from school so we got to play with them.  It was such an amazing opportunity meeting and playing with the kids.  They were a little shy at first but opened up quickly.  I drew chalk with the little girls and tried to communicate with hand signals, while the boys played volley ball with the older ones.  We had so much fun.  When the dinner bell rang, it took 3 of us to try to pry all the little kids off of my mom.  They were so sad when we had to leave.  Dinner was amazing, a special thanks to the amazing cooks.  Then devotions led by Rob K, and worship led by Dani.  Today was an amazing day full of so many new experiences and opportunities.  I am looking forward to tomorrow.
Tuesday March 19th
Hey hey! Aller and Danner here! Today both of us worked on building Tino’s house. This is day 2 for both of us. We got to put our summer house building skills back into action and only missed the stud with the nails a few times. I (Dani your Mannie((as Natalie says))) had the privilege of using the hand saw for the second Mexico trip in a row which is interesting because I don’t even trust myself to drink a glass of milk without spilling. The second best thing is using the nail gun. I always thought it was a tool for my mani-pedi. Just kidding. I (Aly) got to help my Dad, Robbie boy, drill holes into the window frame area so he would know where to cut the siding off. He couldn’t have done it without me! For the first half of the day we had help from one of the older boys and for the whole day we had help from Oscar and Tino, two people who have done a lot of work for ‘Casa Hogar’.  We got a lot of work done today. All the walls are up and half of the walls have siding on. We are excited for the rest of the house to be finished. BLESS UP Lots of love from ya homedawgs
Allyysonn and Danerson 
Wednesday March 20th
Hola amigos! This is Cam and Ri coming at you from the south. Today was a pretty good day, we got lots done. At the house build, the roof was put up, and it’s looking pretty snazzy. And at the mission there was tons of weeding that happened. Dylan broke the record of most weeds pulled in an hour and also decided to become superman on the bike. It was a pretty big wipe out. At Oscar’s house, where the shower is going, at first there was a lot of parts to be picked up, so in the afternoon was when most work happened. We put in a lot of pipes in the ground, had quite a bit of digging to do, and some back filling as well. There wasn’t a whole lot of things for the kids to do, so Dawson got bored and started beating us with a piece of pipe. No injuries, for he is quite weak. This afternoon we enjoyed a good game of soccer which we got our butts whooped by the Mexican team, with a couple of whites who betrayed us. The kids also liked it a lot when the cooling rain came upon us. Then this supper we had quite the episode. (if you only wanted to hear about the work and not stupid things the boys did, stop reading here) It was spaghetti and meatballs, with a Caesar salad I, (Riley), managed to rob Dawson of a meatball without him noticing. These meatballs were so good, so I couldn’t resist. Then, I pointed in the window and yelled ‘what is that?’ then when he looked, I grabbed another. Didn’t notice. Sadly enough, the third time he caught on and it was pretty funny. He got me back, but I was told not to mention it for it was quite nasty.
Goodnight to all, and remember. The food tastes better here 😉 haha.  -Cam and Riley
The kids found some cover when the sky opened up
We were blessed with this beautiful Rainbow
Pastor Rob having a deep conversation with Natalie and Becka
Sawyer Checking out the new loft of Tino’s house
Thursday March 21st
“When you change your thinking from me to we (they), you radically change your perspective on life.” Darrell Graham Today we went to the migrant camp and handed out food hampers, clothing and played some games with the kids.  For some of us this was a new experience and eye opening to the conditions that people live in.  The houses aren’t even houses but rather half built abandoned structures with make-shift roofs.  Sad doesn’t even come close to describing the conditions and the thought of what we have (and so often aren’t happy with) is hard to ignore.  There is a big difference between a want and a need and so often that line gets clouded by lies we buy into.   We all want acceptance, love, affirmation and comfort but we are willing to do anything in order to get fulfillment.  When we look for fulfillment outside of God we will never truly be satisfied.  We saw so much need today and some people were happy despite the glaring poverty they lived in, but others had a deep darkness in their eyes of hopelessness.  It makes us feel so helpless to meet all those needs, but we give what we have gladly, and it is received with many, many thanks.  Today many of us had a change of perspective, where the focus of thinking was changed from me to they.  I encourage you to think about what you want and what you need.  Do you think only about yourself or do you think of the needs of other?  And when you have a need, do you look to God to provide it for you?  If you change your focus you could radically change not only your life but someone else’s too.
Today’s blog by,  Julie and Co.
Making up the food hampers in the Calimax Parking lot
Julie, Carrie and Kelly Handing out Hampers
Livia lovin on the kids
Riley, Cam and Livia handing out books and clothes
The ladies at Campo lining up to receive their hampers
Friday March 22nd
Hi. It is an honour to be writing to you readers today. Right now, flexy Magee and Saucy Dawcy are going to be talking about what we did today to help others. It is the last day here at Mooch and we finished up the house at Tino’s. I (Dawson) helped put on dry wall inside the house. Me and Dani screwed on the sheets of dry wall. After that, we had to put on dry wall mud to cover the screw holes. I ‘accidently’ covered Danielle’s arm with some dry wall mud. Oscar helped me with the dry walling. I enjoyed the time thoroughly. Tino and his wife made us some very good fish tacos as a thanks to us. It is so cool to see how thankful people are when they don’t have as much as us. After that, we went to Oscar’s house to finish up with the shower. We prayed with him and blessed his family. It was a very moving time when we all prayed with him. We did the same with Tino and his wife.
Hi this is Flexy Magee AKA Chelsea. That was saucy dawcy’s side of the story but as he was working on the house a group of eight stayed back to do some cleaning in old RV’s that would be used by a dentist in the next few weeks. Debbie and Kelly cleaned out the biggest one preparing it for the dentist so he could use it as his exam room, well me and Jessica had the lovey job of cleaning out another trailer in which the dentist would be living in. Now the trailer itself was nice but mice had gone crazy in it. So I had the absolute pleasure of vacuuming up all the mice poo. It was everywhere you name It, in the couches, in the beds even in some old musty books we found. After that it was lunch and I had decided that I had seen enough mice poop for the day so the team all went to bless Oscar and his family and the house /washroom we had been building after that we all piled in to the back of the truck and we were off to Tino’s to you guessed it, bless his house and his family that would be living in it. Then we all went back to mooch where we played a game of soccer with the kids till we got called up for dinner. Tonight, was a different type of night though all the kids also came up and ate with us. After dinner we got the chance to build a fire in the prayer garden and play and talk with the kids. It was awesome to get a chance to talk and joke around with the kids. The night ended with everyone’s stomach’s sore from laughing all night and too many churros. Signing off – Flexy Magee and Saucy Dawcy
Still smiling after an hour of cleaning up mouse poo!
Darrell & Maureen Graham – what an amazing couple
These three made a special little bench for the house.
The team at Oscar and Lupedia’s house
All the team at Tino’s house.
These kids have been amazing this week!